Upcoming Events

LENA DUNHAM’S “NOT YOUR AVERAGE GIRL” BOOK TOUR: Thursday, October 2, 7 PM, Wilbur Theatre, Boston

WE ARE OPENING FOR LENA DUNHAM! We are trying to remain cool about this, but we are bouncing off the walls with excitement.  We will be singing a couple of our favorite jams at this SOLD OUT event. We cannot wait!!!!


We will be singing with our favorite boys of a cappella at BU Central for Parents’ Weekend. Make sure to check it out, and HEY! Bring your parents along.

BOSTON UNIVERSITY HILLELFriday, October 24, 8:30 PM, Boston University Hillel

Check us out at Hillel on October 24th! It should be a blessed night of tunes.

FREECAPPELLA: Friday, October 24, 7 PM, TBD

In Achord is hosting Freecappella: a FREE (you might’ve guessed it) a cappella show featuring some of BU’s a cappella groups. Leave your wallets at home and come enjoy some groovy a cappella.


In addition, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more details. More events to come! 

Go to our “Contact” page to schedule a gig or for more information. 

7 responses to “Upcoming Events

  1. Raven

    Oh my god I heard you guys are the hottest all female group ever!

  2. Hobart Gapp

    The Chords have restored sanity to music. The sounds you create are so beautiful to listen to; it takes me back to a time when music was about harmony and beauty and not just a pounding commercial beat.

    Never change.

  3. chordially whore

    damn! you girls is fine

  4. Hobart Gapp

    I didn’t know the chords were performing in New York City Feb 12 through 15. Wow!

  5. Carlos

    I saw the group perform on Newbury.
    That was really impressive, you are all very talented. Keep up the great work.

    Los Angeles, CA

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